Randa, Choice & 6%DokiDoki

Hamada is an 18-year-old specialty school student who has embraced 6%DokiDoki style. Her outfit includes a pink cotton and lace top over a short dotted skirt, both from 6%DokiDoki. A black belt and black bloomers provide some nice contrast.

Her pretty hairpiece consists of several bows and a white feather. Her pink suede patchwork booties from Randa are a perfect match for bright pink lace stockings.

Hamada’s black shoulder bag is from Choice. Her 6%DokiDoki accessories include a pink heart ring and pendant and a plastic bead necklace and bracelets.

We asked about her favorite music and she said Hide. Her favorite store is 6%DokiDoki.
Randa, Choice & 6%DokiDoki

Pink lace & appliqued top with heart pendant

Hair piece with large bows & feather

Choice tote bag

6%DokiDoki Ring & bracelets

Randa pink suede booties

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  1. I absolutely adore her outfit, it’s something I would definately wear :)

  2. This girl itself is cute but her clothes ae not so interesting. Typical colourful mix

  3. I love this ! my favorite colors! super cute. I need to go and get some bright colored stockings when halloween is over so they’re cheap<3

  4. shes soooo cute^^ i love it^^…she looks like a doll^^ love the shoe^^

  5. So cute! *♥______♥*
    I love the details. This girl definitely know her style!

  6. was looking at her outfit and went “OH LOOK A COOKIE!” lmao

  7. I love her style !!! <3 It's so cute (kawaii should I say) !!!

  8. The girl is very cute^^
    And her style is very fun and colorful, a bit childish, but that`s great :)

  9. Luv her outfit, I would love to see her smile though. She looks a bit irritated but even then she’s adorable.