Red Adidas & Lightning Bolt Walter Sweatshirt

This blonde guy is Kussy, who’s 20 years old. He’s wearing matching black-and-white pants and shirt and a red Walter sweatshirt decorated with yellow lightning bolts. He’s also wearing red Adidas sneakers and a backpack from Shunpi that has a barbed wire print.

We asked Kussy about his favorite place to shop and the answer was Candy.
Red Adidas & Lightning Bolt Walter Sweatshirt

Graphic print shirt & red Walter hoodie

Shunpi backpack with barbed wire print

Red Adidas sneakers

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  1. The hood has a really odd shape, it looks good though.
    I really love his jumpsuit; didn’t think I’d see men wearing them ^^’
    He looks really cool :)

  2. きつき

    he reminds me of black cat and white cat from a Japanese animated film ..i can’t recall the name

  3. LOVING the hoodie! where can I buy it, if possible? :)