This fashionable Japanese girl and guy posed for our photo in Harajuku. The recurring theme in their outfits is a series of patterns that would likely have made Keith Haring (who, incidentally, at one time had a Pop Shop in Tokyo) smile. The girl is wearing a red beret, a blue dress with black line art all over it, a wide belt, black shiny leggings (very in right now), and black Chuck Taylor Converse high tops. The guy is wearing a zip-up jacket with a colorful jewel pattern on it, a shirt with another colorful pattern, black shorts, striped socks, and yellow Chucks. They are both wearing backpacks instead of carrying handbags.

Harajuku Fashion

Red Beret in Harajuku

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  1. It’s the Fresh Prince of Harajuku and a Guardian Angel.

  2. *O*!! The guys t-shirt is awesome, and he too!! I’d like to know his name!! >w<!!