Red Bob, Hysteric Glamour and Bike in Harajuku

This lovely Japanese girl with a bicycle is a 21-year-old student named Mai that we met in Harajuku. She’s wearing a black military-style jacket from Sly over black and white striped leggings. Her cloth bag is from Hysteric Glamour and she’s wearing jewelry from Vivienne Westwood and Justin Davis.

Mai’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite brand is Hysteric Glamour. She’s a fan of the rock band L’Arc-en-ciel.
Sly jacket & Hysteric Glamour bag

Red bob, bicycle & Hysteric Glamour bag

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  1. She looks lovely, but I can’t really believe that people still want to wear a jacket outside! It’s too hot, I feel like melting.

  2. It’s hot, but anything in the name of fashion, right? I think this outfit is simple and sophisticated with a slight edge to it. It also plays up her face and hair beautifully. She is a beautiful girl!

  3. hahaha, @alice: indeed, especially for some people who lived in europe.
    but, some times mode & style can beat that…. hahahaha….

    black & white, nice combi, the striped leggings make it just perfect…

  4. it probably was a chilly day.

    the woman?… behind her is wearing a turtle neck and a jacket.

  5. The reason it looks like colder weather is because this photoset is from a couple months ago. When we were going through our files last week, we found 4 people who had accidentally been skipped during our usual daily updates (we shot the pics, but they didn’t get posted for some reason). We are posting those four this week, but they are more Spring fashion than Summer. Sorry! :-)

  6. @ tora hahaha i was just gonna wright the same thing :D I want the bike :)

  7. she’s so cute… @renasu I waaant that bike toooo!… wonder what kind it is!?

  8. Beautiful girl. I love this outfit, especially the jacket. It’s wonderful! It’s a shame her bike was in the way so we couldn’t see the rest of what she was wearing.

  9. lovely outfit altogether
    wish i could pull it off, she looks beautiful!