Red Leather Bag & Leather Jacket in Shibuya

This pretty Japanese girl was photographed on the street in Shibuya. She is wearing a black leather jacket over a flower pattern dress which is belted with a wide belt, lace stockings, and shiny black shoes. She is also carrying a red leather handbag and her hair has a red tint to it as well.

Pretty Shibuya Girl

Red Leather Handbag

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  1. hate her because her outfit is just too cute. just kidding about the hating thing. love the dress tho

  2. Very nice combination. Also, the colors don’t get lost and confusing which is a very good thing.

  3. The dress as a beautiful print♥

    Her hair looks so cute and soft!

    I love everything but the leggings I think they would look better as tights.

  4. Shinyshoesrock

    I love her shoes…..They’re soo freaking shiny….I just love them

  5. Fashionbabe

    I love this girls leather jacket
    Where did she get it!
    Need 2 know!!!