All Red Tokyo Street Styles w/ Wide Brim Hat, Comme des Garcons, Paul Smith, Issey Miyake Bao Bao, Tokyo Bopper, Vintage & Handmade Fashion

Easily standing out on the streets of Harajuku are Nanako and Satoko with their bold and eye-catching all-red streetwear styles.

At the left is Nanako, a sushi shop staffer with striking yellow hair. She is dressed in a vintage Flat trench coat, which she wore over a vintage/resale lace turtleneck top and a handmade maxi skirt with embroidered lace trims. Red socks, metallic Pierre Hardy chunky sneakers and an Issey Miyake Bao Bao geometric tote bag completed her outfit. Accessories such as a gold collar necklace, a wide garterized belt and a G-Shock watch are the finishing touches to her style. Nanako lists Flat and Kinji as her fashion favorites while her top musical group pick is The Elephant Kashimashi. Follow Nanako and her striking streetwear looks on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Satoko works in the retail industry. She stepped out in a vintage maxi coat with black trims, a turtleneck sweater from Paul Smith and a Comme des Garcons panelled skirt with safety pin details. She wore the skirt over red cropped pants, donned red socks, and stepped into a pair of Tokyo Bopper t-strap shoes with floret accents. A red suede wide brim hat rounded out her style. Satoko loves to shop at Tokyo Bopper and she enjoys the music of Kaera Kimura. Follow Satoko on Instagram and Twitter.

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