Renaissance / Vintage Street Fashion in Harajuku

This amazing Japanese guy and girl were photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. We were on our way to grab a bite to eat, with no intention of taking street fashion pictures – but when we spotted these two, we couldn’t resist! Not sure if their style would be called Mori, Dolly-kei, Renaissance, or maybe just vintage. Whatever it is, they stood out walking down the street in Harajuku. Besides pointing out the blonde hairstyles both of them are sporting and the multi-layered vintage fashion with patterns, tassels, lace, and flowers, there isn’t really much more we have to say, other than to encourage you to click each of the photos and check them out at full size. Because this was an impromptu photo shoot, we didn’t have time to get all of the usual brand/shop info, but this fashion is likely vintage.

Harajuku Renaissance Street Style

Blonde Japanese Girl and Guy

Vintage Guys Fashion in Tokyo

Japanese Girls Vintage Fashion

Pointy Heels and Yellow Shoes in Harajuku

Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

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  1. BunnyShade

    ummmmm the dude is just weird. but the outfit is very king aurther ^_^

  2. The girl reminds me of one version of Alice I’ve seen on the internet, very charming. The guy is very daring and…huggable. I don’t know, he looks like he’d be tiny and huggable. My only real beef with his look is the neckerchief. It looks out of place.

  3. The girl’s hair is perfect! I wonder if it’s a wig. I like her entire outfit.

  4. they look like hobits, im not liking the look much.

  5. They are precious. He has a kissable little mouth. (I don’t like his scarf, though.) Her hair has to be a wig but it is perfect for the overall look.

  6. I’ve seen some similar style on RIDSNAP. This is a bit Grimoire, but I think this is kind of like antique clothing style. Older than vintage probably!

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