Retro Brimmed Hat, Rose FanFan & Liz Lisa Skirt in Harajuku

This cute girl in a retro wide-brimmed hat is 21-year-old Hiromi. Her outfit includes a cotton voile blouse with ruffle details from Rose FanFan and a pieced floral skirt from Liz Lisa. She’s also wearing over-the-knee socks and tan leather shoes. Hiromi’s shopping bag from Wonder Rocket and her handbag is from Gucci.
Retro Brimmed Hat & Top Rose Fan Fan blouse

Cotton voile blouse with ruffles from Top Rose Fan Fan

Retro brimmed hat in Harajuku

Gucci handbag

Long socks & tan leather shoes

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  1. I love her outfit! She looks adorable. Her jumper skirt is so pretty :D & then I love how her shoes (I want her shoes!) match her hat.

  2. candyxholicxx

    Her outfit is cute! I love her bag&hat! (^^)

  3. i love everything bout her….except her fake eye lashes :)

  4. lower lashes are the kinda dealbreaker… but overall is pretty pretty HOT outfit and she´s absolutely gorgeous *__*

  5. omg omg she’s absolutely perfect!!! how cute! how sweet! so lovely! i love everything going on here! from head to toe, i’m in love >.< and those lashes omgggg ♥ ♥ ♥


  7. Yuri-Juice

    I love this style and she is very cute.
    In fact I think there is a radiance of a smile coming off of her.
    However I do not love her skirt and her idea to wear a black bra with this shirt.
    The skirt makes her look a little to wide which she isn’t and the black bra is just a stand out thing which doesn’t make her chest look that great when the skirt is so low and making her look wide.
    However it was a good effort

  8. This is the kind of style I want to wear every day.