Retro Girl Mods Coat & Glitter Leggings in Harajuku

This 19-year-old Japanese girl was photographed on a winter day in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. She’s wearing a mods coat (military parka) from the brand Retro Girl, several tops, a red scarf, denim shorts (or skirt?) from Lowrys Farm, glitter leggings, and brown leather boots. Accessories include a knit headband, audio headphones, a plush teddy bear, and her JanSport backpack. She said that her favorite fashion brand is Retro Girl and that her favorite bands include Radwimps and Go!Go!7188.

Japanese Girl in Mods Coat

Knit Headband in Harajuku

JanSport Back in Tokyo

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  1. Perfect color blend. Plus, she’s pretty by nature. Loveeee <3

  2. I love the thing she’s wearing on her head! It suits her hairstyle SO well!

  3. She’s so pretty. It’s just that there’s too many trends going on here. I wonder how many layers she put on for this look.

  4. man if i had that many clothes on for one day, i’mma recycle that stuff for the next