Retro Pinup Top, Remade Op Art Skirt & Metallic Mary Janes

This is 18-year-old Nonoco. Her outfit includes a resale t-shirt featuring a retro pinup print and an op art checkerboard skirt that’s a remake. Her fuchsia metallic Mary Jane shoes are from Dr. Martens.

Nonoco has accessorized her outfit with items from Pin Nap and other shops, including a single gold cross earring, a rainbow coil necklace, a beaded wire ring and one of the icon charm bracelets we’ve see around Harajuku this year. Her black fabric bag from Very Brain features a kitty print and a red crochet bow.

We ask Nonoco about her favorite place to shop and she told us she likes Nadia.

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  1. Wow! Super cool mix of prints! I love her hair *-*

    Hey! There’s Julia in the background hahaha!

  2. Love the look, especially the look of the girl in the background with the platforms and what looks like circle lenses.

  3. Little Red ♥

    Thet’s other . It’s great ! I love that T-shirt <3