Retro Style w/ Marie Claire Paris Bag, Long Hair & Sweater in Harajuku

Here’s a friendly Harajuku girl whose retro-inspired look – and long hairstyle – caught our eye near the intersection of Meiji Dori and Omotesando Dori.

Her outfit features a colorful knit sweater over a button up shirt, an above-the-knee pleated skirt, white tights, and black pointy platforms. Accessories include a star necklace, two understated rings, and a vintage-style leather purse by Marie Claire Paris. Her red nail polish and red lipstick match the sweater.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    I love her red, white and blue look. It looks very American and patriotic with a slight preppy feel to it.

  2. Love this! Her hair’s like a more modern hime cut (from the Heian period of Japan)

  3. She looks so cute, and I love how she’s only wearing lipstick, she’s got lovely hands too.

    Victoria I don’t see how her coord could be US related in any way? =X

  4. Martin B.

    What a brilliant look! Very clean and professional. :D