All Black Outfits w/ Rick Owens, Limi Feu & Comme des Garcons in Harajuku

Although they’re not wearing any color – just black from head to hoe – Midori and Reona caught our eye right away. We noticed them in Harajuku and they told us a bit about themselves:

Midori is 21 and she’s a student. She is wearing a top and a skirt from Y’s, with a Limi Feu coat. Her bag is from Tricot Comme des Garcons, while her masculine, lace-up flats are a resale. She’s also wearing two rings on a hand, and she told us she got them at Monomania. Midori is on Twitter, and she likes to listen to Tokyo Incidents. Her favorite designers are Yohji Yamamoto, Limi Feu and Comme des Garcons.

Reona is 19 and he’s a college student. You might remember him from last year, when we photographed him with another friend. This time, he is wearing skinny jeans from Dior Homme with a mixed textures t-shirt from Avan Trance and a hood jacket which he got at Rick Owens. He told us his patent clutch is from Zara, and his heeled boots are from Rad Hourani. He accessorized with a chunky black ring. Reona’s favorite places to shop are Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh. You can find more about him on Twitter.

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  1. LOVE that guy’s jacket! I love how they play around with texture and drapes – shows that you can stand out too with only 1 colour!

  2. Okay Reona is just perfect. The whole outfit is great, and DEM LIPS.
    He even has a cool name.

  3. I love this pair and their all black and stylish outfits! :D

  4. The girl wears exactly what i would wear…except taht bag is horrid and shoes need some polish :)
    besides all is great!
    boy looks good too
    but they look like they freezing …
    girl in black rules!!! yeah
    just pls pls pls…change this bag……………… @>@