Ricky & Yui on the Street in Shibuya

Here are two up-and-coming Harajuku style icons who we ran into late at night in Shibuya while on our way home from a TokyoFashion.com hanami party. We weren’t doing street snaps at midnight, obviously, but when we spotted Ricky & Yui, we couldn’t resist taking a couple of quick street snaps. We have snapped Yui previously because she works at Nadia Harajuku, and we’ve seen some amazing picture of Ricky on Hirari Ikeda’s Tumblr. When we spotted the couple walking down the street in Shibuya, they were impossible to miss!

Hopefully, we’ll run into Ricky and Yui again soon during the daytime so that we can get all of their item/brand info for you (and some better photos). In the meantime both Ricky and Yui are active on Twitter if you’d like to follow them.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. little french girl

    yeah wonderful make up, both look super x