RNA Top & Shorts with H&M Bag

19-year-old Eri is wearing her red hair in two twisted buns known as odango. Her shorts and cartoon t-shirt are from RNA, which is her favorite brand. Her pink nylon bag from H&M is decorated with small toys. She’s also wearing a pink spiked bracelet and bright pink socks. Her multi-colored shoes are Vans.

Eri has several piercings in her ear with silver and pink earrings. Her red, white and blue neck scarf is from G2?
RNA Top & Shorts with H&M Bag

Cartoon RNA top & cross body bag

Odango buns & piercings

Pink H&M bag, toys & spiked bracelet

Pink bracelet with black & silver rings

Pink socks & colorful Van shoes

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  1. So bright and colorful! I love Japanese style like this! *_*

  2. HOLY CRAP! I think I see a Mr. Bumpy Keychain!! Where the hell do you even GET one of those?! I want it!!