Rock Style Harajuku Girls w/ Devilish Tee, Winged Backpack & Hysteric Glamour

Demi and Mohidead are two students with rock-inspired looks who we met on Meiji Dori in Harajuku.

Mohidead – on the right – is wearing a graphic t-shirt with a plaid Milk Boy wrap skirt, ripped fishnet stockings, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories – some of which came form HellcatPunks – include a spike choker, a leather belt, and a Peace Now winged backpack (with a small skeleton charm). Mohidead’s favorite fashion brands are Milk and Milk boy. Her favorite bands are Groomy and Kubihuri Dolls. To keep up with her life, find Mohidead on Twitter.

Demi – on her left – is wearing a shirt by Devilish with white over-the-knee stockings and chunky resale heels. Accessories include a Hysteric Glamour watch, a Groomy bracelet, and an Ozone Rocks backpack decorated with various buttons (including Gloomy and Hysteric Glamour). Demi told us that her favorite bands are Groomy and Kubihuri Dolls. For more info and pics, find her on Twitter.

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