Rocket Platform Boots, Rick Owens, 101 Dalmatians Remake Top & Vintage Fashion in Shibuya

We ran into Ayaka and MxxxNxxx at the famous Shibuya Scramble in Tokyo. You might remember their previous street snaps in Harajuku.

Ayaka – who works as a stylist in the Japanese fashion industry – is wearing a remake 101 Dalmatians sweatshirt (with large fuzzy sleeves) from the Tokyo boutique Barrack Room, red G.V.G.V. shorts, and platform boots with small rockets attached to them. Accessories include a resale see-through purse, a nose piercing, a Minnie Mouse ring, and a sun visor from the Japanese brand Otoe. Ayaka’s favorite brands include Jenny Fax and House of Holland. Her favorite band is Koresawa. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for more info.

MxxxNxxx – who works in the fashion industry and as a photographer – is wearing a vintage jacket over a black resale top, a black leather skirt over black pants, and black Rick Owens x Adidas sneakers. Accessories include a black wooden beads necklace and a denim drawstring duffle bag. His favorite brands include Unrealistic Reality and Rick Owens. Find him on Twitter or Instagram.

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