Rocking Horse Shoes, Pink TutuHA Cross & SPANK! in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese girl in rocking horse platform shoes from Body Line is Anna, a 17-year-old student. She’s also wearing a print top and stonewashed denim jacket from Rosebud and Uniqlo with a lingerie-style chiffon dress (or high-waisted skirt). Her black ankle socks are trimmed with white chiffon ruffles.

Anna’s accessories include a Spank! button on her lapel, a black studded leather bag, and a large pink cross and chain from TutuHA. When we asked Anna about her favorite fashion sources, the answer was Nadia and Spank! Her favorite music is by One OK Rock and 2PM.

Chiffon Skirt & Body Line Rocking Horse Shoes

Large cross from Tutuha & Uniqlo jacket

Spank! button w/ large cross & chain

Body Line rocking horse shoes & chiffon-trimmed socks

Black leather bag with gold studs

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  1. Spank? Spank?! XD are you serious…
    anyways, I love her style. The denim jacket is hot, and she’s totally rocking that tutu ^-^

  2. I love the shoes!
    I will go to Tokyo 30th of July, where can I get a pair?

    Gorgeous girl btw;)

  3. Emma – Body Line has a shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. If you get off the Yamanote Line train at the Takeshita exit of Harajuku Station and walk down Takeshita Dori, it will be on your left side, upstairs (2nd floor), right past the two famous crepe shops.

  4. Eu realmente não entendo o porque das japonesas gostarem tanto de saltos plataformas. Eu sinceramente não gosto.

  5. she’s perfect!!! *o* laces and frilly socks and those platform shoes i want so bad oh my goodness yes ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Anonymous

    Juli M, normalmente, nós japonesas somos muito baixinhas, por isso é perfeitamente normal usarem saltos plataforma.

  7. ChocolatteMayhem

    I really love the chains with the cross. im inspired im about to get a few