Rodeo Crowns, Shimamura & Bear USA Sneakers

This Japanese girl with checkered style is Mami, a 19-year-old who works in sales. Her outfit includes a pink, white and turquoise jacket with a black-and-white polka dot collar from Rodeo Crowns and black-and-white gingham checked pants from Shimamura. Her shoes are white leather sneakers with striped laces from Bear USA.

Mami is wearing a G-Shock watch. Her other accessories include a necklace with a large number 5 and another necklace with tiny earphones. She’s carrying a mini duffel bag from Honey’s has a patch that says “Hot Minds, It’s You That Bear the Next Generation.”

We asked Mami about her favorite shops and brands and the answer was New Era and Galaxxxy. Her favorite music is by Mona and Michael Jackson.
Rodeo Clown, Shimaura & Bear USA Sneakers

Rodeo Clown pastel & polka dot track jacket

Honey's duffel bag

Bear USA sneakers & Shimamura checkered pants

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  1. natural hair and minimal make up is really nice, outfits seems
    a little random. Trouser and kicks arecool…

  2. I love this ! I really like the pants & the jacket :)