Romantic Standard Harajuku Style w/ Twin Tails, Yin-Yang Turtleneck, Cutout Pants, & Vintage Bucket Bag

Here’s Yuka, an 18-year-old student we met while we were out and about on the streets of Tokyo.

With her hair in twin braids, Yuka is dressed in cropped top layers consisting of a black bralette with o-ring detailing and a monochrome Yin-Yang print turtleneck top, both of which are from Romantic Standard. She paired her layered tops with black Romantic Standard cutout pants and finished off her style with a pair of black platform buckle shoes from Bubbles. Accessories – from (ME) Harajuku and Bubbles – such as silver chain earrings, a silver chain necklace, a rhinestone KISS and SEXY statement brooch, a black leather belt, silver chains and multiple knuckle rings are the finishing touches to her style. In addition, Yuka is also toting a vintage yellow bucket sling bag.

UNIF is Yuka’s favorite fashion brand, and she loves the music of BlackPink. Check out Yuka’s streetwear ensembles on Instagram.

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