Rosy Baroque Lace Dress & Small Straw Hat

This 18-year-old blonde Japanese girl dressed in the Dolly-kei style is named Shiho and we photographed her in Harajuku. She’s wearing a long white lace dress from a Shibuya select store named Rosy Baroque over a white chiffon blouse and skirt. Her accessories include a small straw hat with a large flower and two large tassels worn as a necklace.

Shiho’s lace teddy bear purse is from Tarock. She’s also wearing white lace platforms (or rocking horse shoes) from Vivienne Westwood.

Shiho’s favorite store is Tarock. If you read Japanese, check out her website here.
Rosy Baroque lace dress & small straw hat

White lace dress & large tassels

Cute blonde girl with small straw hat & large flower

Lace teddy bear purse from Tarock

White lace clogs from Vivienne Westwood

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  1. Really beautiful. Dolly-kei has become one of my favorite Japanese street fashions. From what I can see in the picture those shoes she’s wearing aren’t clogs, they’re rocking horse shoes.

  2. teddy bear purse is soooo cute! and she looks nice – this dress is quite simple and has some antique feeling in it ^^

  3. Thanks for the comments – updated the post to reflect the shoe advice. :-)

  4. Yeah, definitely rocking horse shoes. I love her outfit, though. There’s a lot of dislike towards this fashion in the Lolita community, and I don’t understand it at all! It’s really pretty and elegant, although it’s still relatively new. Very cute ^^

  5. Wow, in all those white fabrics and laces she looks like a beautiful angel : )! I adore her hat (makes head so.. innociently) and those shoes! On a “body-picture” it looks like normal, white rocking horses but it’s also made of lace <3!