Ruffle Dress, Houndstooth, Tapestry Bag & Jelly Beans Shoes

Natsumi’s look – rich with earth tones and textures – caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. We found out that she’s 20 years old, a student, and active on Twitter.

Natsumi is wearing a maxi dress she got from Crisp with ruffles and buttons at the top beneath a houndstooth blazer from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago. Her tapestry bag (“gobelins” bag in Japanese) is from Flamingo, and the studded shoes are Jelly Beans. Natsumi braided her hair and is wearing bow stud earrings, which were a gift from a friend.

She told us that her favorite brand is Crisp, and that UVERworld and Kanjani8 are her favorite bands.

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  1. And yet another one of those quiet styles. I love how she combined the different patterns from her bag, cellphone case and blazer. There’s a pleasant contrast in textures but unified by the tea-tones of her whole outfit.

  2. Victoria Moore

    I love earth tones. Her outfit is very tasteful and feminine. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley from the 1980s.

  3. super cute and chill! totally meshes with that winter-y feeling

  4. This is my favourite! I would totally wear that :-)