Ruffled Skirt from Crisp vs. Grimoire Corset & Apron

Here are two more cute Japanese girls who have put together stylish looks that are influenced by Dolly-kei fashion. The girl on the right is wearing a top, skirt and apron from Grimoire. Her black corset and brown print slippers are from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Her accessories from Grimoire include a small decorated hand mirror on a necklace and two vintage-style bracelets. She’s wearing a large flat hair bow and carrying a Candy Stripper bag.

The girl on the left is has a lace trimmed white blouse and a lacy knit sweater from Hanjiro. Her layered chiffon skirt is from Crisp. She’s also wearing white stockings and As Know As pumps with ankle straps. Her vintage leather purse with rose panels is from Grimoire. Her accessories include a vintage straw hat and an eclectic necklace from Furima.

Both of these girls say their favorite shops are Virgin Mary and Grimoire, two of the most popular Dolly-kei shops in Harajuku. The girl on the left said her favorite music is Sakana Cushion and Tokyo Incidents.
Ruffled Skirt from Crisp and Grimoire Corset with Apron

Vintage straw hat and lacy Hanjiro sweater

Vintage straw hat with bow

White stockings and As Know As shoes

Grimoire blouse and Bunkaya Zakkaten corset

Grimoire apron and Candy Stripper bag

Grimoire vintage bracelets

Brown print slippers from Bunkaya Zakkaten

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  1. Very funky! The girl on the right is very pretty, I like her quirky socks + shoes.

  2. the hat, socks and shoes, dress and bollero is verry nice and funny.. ^^

  3. “The Virgin Mary” and “Grimoire” are so good! But I definitely think they each have a different concept and vision, with common elements. I think my favorite thing about both of these shops/trends is the use of antique clothing. Not vintage, but SUPER vintage, and appreciating the wear and tear of things. – Tokyo Street Fashion Illustrations.

  4. i love that apron! who’d have thought an apron could be so stylish and pretty? her little handmirror necklace is amazing!! as are her bracelets. tokyo girls have the BEST ACCESSORIES!! they are so inspiring… i need to get to the craft store!!