Ruko’s Vintage Harajuku Style w/ Gucci Coat, Foxy Tote & Dr. Martens

Ruko is a 19-year-old student and model who we often see around Harajuku. She’s always super-friendly with a big smile!

Ruko is wearing a vintage sweater over a white shirt, a red resale maxi skirt and a Gucci coat on top. Her tote bag is Foxy x Nike, and her velvet creepers are by Dr. Martens. She is also wearing an Upset Milk (by proto egg product project) pin, a black ribbon in her hair, red nails and lipstick.

Ruko told us that Vivienne Westwood is her favorite designer. Ruko posts pictures on Instagram as well as Twitter if you’d like to see more.

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  1. Shelly Hearse

    She looks like a japanese Amélie! <3 <3