Ryoma’s Dripping Graphic T-Shirt, Spandex Leggings & Dr. Martens Boots

This is Ryoma, a 22-year-old specialty school student. Ryoma is wearing a black jacket over a graphic black t-shirt (with a dripping Chanel logo) from Happy John with black leggings and black Dr. Martens boots.

Accessories from monomania and other shops include a large button attached to Ryoma’s black leather handbag, a reflective black heart pendant, large black-framed glasses and a narrow black ring.

When we asked about Ryoma’s favorite designers and musicians the answer was Vivienne Westwood, Nozomi Ishiguro and John Lennon.
Dripping Graphic T-Shirt, Spandex Leggings & Dr. Martens Boots

Large glasses & graphic t-shirt

large monomania button

Black heart pendant & ring

Dr. Martens boots & spandex leggings

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  1. Nice outfit. I’d totally wear something like this.
    His hair is the only thing I don’t like :c

  2. kinako milk

    simple lines and color, yet stylishly effective! shiney pants are great to (◦’ں’◦)

  3. great style,The shiney pants sure look good! not sure about the hair style too though…