S.Kaoru Fashion Exhibition in Harajuku

Kaoru is a Bunka Fashion College student who we see often around the streets of Harajuku. She frequently appears as a model in Kera Magazine. You might also recognize her from our previous street snaps and her appearance in the recent STIGMATA fashion show. In addition to being a student and model, Kaoru also runs her own independent fashion brand S.Kaoru. At the end of last month, S.Kaoru held a small exhibition in Harajuku, and we stopped in to take a look at Kaoru’s latest creations.

Kaoru’s personal sense of style is punk-inspired and that carries over into many of the S.Kaoru piece that were on display at the Harajuku exhibition. The items ranged from a “Miracle Punks” sweatshirt, to melting bone accessories, cross and chain necklaces, a metallic hat with ears, and other handmade accessories. Kaoru was nice enough to model some of her S.Kaoru items for us at the exhibition, so you can see them for yourself in the pictures below.

For more information on Kaoru and her indie fashion brand, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram or visit her official website.

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  1. Love her hair! Her jewelry is awesome to but my favorite is the sweater she made!!!!