Sango, Converse & Teddy Bear

Ai is a 19-year-old student in long cotton dress from Sango. Her accessories include a print scarf tied around her shoulders and a music player around her neck. She’s wearing Converse shoes and carrying a JanSport backpack with a teddy bear attached.

We asked Ai about her favorite music and she said it’s the singer Chara.
Sango, Converse & Teddy Bear

Cotton dress & print scarf

JanSport backpack & teddy bear

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  1. richelle rosemarie

    absolutely love it! the colour palette is quite lovely :)

  2. even in Japan I think the combination of something so feminine like a rose coloured dress (especially with the lace part underneath) and sports shoes looks extremely odd. It’s like you’re this five y/o kid that doesn’t know how to dress properly yet. XD I don’t see anything cool or fashionable about it.. sorry..

  3. Really cute look! I think the reason I like this look is for the exact reason Dana doesn’t like it, because it looks child-like with the shoes… gives a cute air of innocence and makes it sweet looking… :)

  4. Dana, I guess its not about being fashionable or cool anymore. I think it is more about personal expression.