Sara Cummings in Harajuku w/ Biker Jacket, Jeans & Lace-up Boots

This is Sara Cummings, a fashion model that many of you will probably recognize. We snapped in Sara in Harajuku during Tokyo Fashion Week. Because of an agreement we had with several magazines, we are releasing some of those Tokyo Fashion Week street snaps over the next few weeks!

Sara is wearing a crop t-shirt with jeans and a biker jacket and lace-up boots. She accessorized with a pentagram necklace and small studded backpack. She has an alien tattoo on her finger and she painted her nails gray.

Sara’s favorite place to shop is Necromance, in Hollywood, and she likes listening to Nine Inch Nails. Check out her official Instagram for regular updates.

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  1. She looks like a bad ass greaser from the 50s.