Sarueru & Furry Hat with Mouth

This colorful girl is Gerugbo, a 14-year-old student. Gerugbo’s wearing a graphic print top from Thank-You Mart with handmade sarueru (drop crotch pants). Her high-top shoes also make a colorful statement with pink laces. Gerugbo’s accessories include one skeleton glove by, a Jack Skellington ring and two Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas rings (thanks for all the comments setting us straight on the Oogie Boogies!) She’s also wearing a furry cap with an open mouth bill and has applied stickers under her eye.

Gerugbo is carrying a small toy that she bought in Harajuku. We ask Gerugbo’s favorite shop and music artist and the answers were Thank-You Mart and Lady Gaga. If you read Japanese, you can learn more by visiting Gerugbo’s Japanese blog.

Sareuru & Furry Hat with Mouth

Thank-You Mart top

Furry hat with mouth

Furry cap & face decals

Jack Skellington ring & dinosaur rings

Toy box

High-top shoes with pink laces

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  1. Zero

    those rings arent dinosaurs btw, they’re green oogie boogies.

  2. Zero

    ah.. and it’s spelled “sarueru” XD anyway the kid is adorkable. i like the sticker idea o.o

  3. Lol those aren’t dinosaurs! That’s Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas!

  4. And just realised I said he not she >_< i think we're all typo-ing crazy tonight!