Scramble Market Elleanor w/ Pink Odango Hair, Unicorn Backpack & Kinji Bomber

Elleanor is an 18 year old English-speaking Harajuku girl who works at Scramble Market inside of LaForet. Her style is always fun and colorful – you may remember from our previous posts here and here.

She is wearing her pink hair in two buns and her eyebrows are dyed pink. Elleanor is wearing a graphic tee from Uniqlo with resale denim shorts and a Kinji bomber jacket, which she bought used. She pinned lots of brooches and badges on her jacket (including Nile Perch and 6%DOKIDOKI), she accessorized her hair with plastic bows, she’s got colorful earrings, rings, necklaces and nail art. She told us her bag is from Nile Perch and her burgundy shoes are Tokyo Bopper. We also noticed her cute unicorn backpack and the teardrop tights.

Elleanor likes the Japanese brand F.E.A.R and she listens to Nadeah. Find her on Twitter for more interesting stuff.

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  1. Beautiful! Amazing red color, love that style :)
    Unicorn! I like that too, the bag and the shirt.
    Oh, and the jacket, it looks great with her style.


  2. Love her pants and tights! So cute *-*
    Also her nails; I wish I could do nail art like that.
    Did I mention her shoes and the transparent belt…. aahhh why is it so impossible to buy things like this in Europe :/

  3. Victoria Moore

    Her look is really fun, colorful and cute. I love it!

  4. I love all her coordinates! Her unicorn backpack and necklace and tote bag are so cute and I love all her badges, especially the kitty with the purple ribbon and the rainbow triangle ;w;!!

  5. Terence Bradley

    Very cute! Thanks for looking so cute for us guys!