Seashell Necklace & Vintage Fashion From The Virgin Mary in Harajuku

Here is someone who we’ve seen around Harajuku quite a bit this year – it’s Yukinnko! Yukinnko is an 18-year-old student with – as you may have seen already in these previous snaps – her own unique vintage-inspired sense of style.

Yukinnko is wearing a lace-trimmed negligee top from The Virgin Mary over a pretty dress (with lace, layers, and studs) from New York Joe Exchange, pink stockings, and flats decorated with flower petals and lace. Accessories include a lace collar, a purple seashell necklace from The Virgin Mary (an item we’ve seen recur in several of Yukinnko’s looks), a tooth pin, and a beautiful vintage handbag from The Virgin Mary.

Yukinnko told us that her favorite shop is the popular Shibuya resale boutique The Virgin Mary. Her favorite musical group is Tokyo Incidents. For more info on Yukinnko, check out her personal Twitter.

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  1. Why can I not pull off flawless skin like that!?! Love her hair color. She’s so pretty and adorable at the same time. <3

  2. Dreaded Queen

    I thought this girl looked familiar. She is holding down fairy Kei! Great style Yukinno!k

  3. WOW!!! ♥♥♥ ich love the colors! and the materials also!
    Sie ist wunderschön! *.*

  4. OMG!! I wonder what her hair color is called? I want that color. ;-;

  5. absolutely lovely shoes :)
    and girls in japan have such a marvelous skin
    thanks to good diet, humidity and …great cosmetics :)