Seditionaries T-Shirt, Leather Jacket & Resale Plaid at Bunka Fashion College

Aki is a lilac-haired 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College student with lots of personality who we see around Harajuku often. This time, we street snapped her near the Bunka campus in Shinjuku – while she was eating a churro.

Aki is wearing a leather jacket that she picked up resale with a t-shirt from the controversial 1970s brand Seditionaries (founded by Malcolm McLaren and Aki’s favorite designer Vivienne Westwood) with pants from Kinsella, a plaid skirt that she bought at another resale shop, and plaid Nike sneakers (also bought used). Aki’s accessories include a Vivienne Westwood armor ring and a well-worn heart purse that she picked up resale.

Aki’s favorite fashion designers include Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Nemeth and she listens to western music. For more info, you can find her on Twitter!

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