Air-K Records Owner in Sex Pot Revenge Harajuku Street Style

This is Air-K, the owner of Air-K Records. You can find out more about him and his record label on Twitter.

He has pink hair and is wearing an animal print jacket, shirt, plaid pants, bag and accessories from Sex Pot Revenge. His heeled boots are from Ghost Note.

Air-K told us that his favorite brands to shop are Sex Pot Revenge and h.NAOTO.

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  1. Pollypocket

    Very interesting outfit. There is so much to look at. I wonder how much I layer versus sewn into one piece. I found that metal chain arm (wrap?) really cool. Would love to see more if his style.

  2. Tamashii

    very cool. that style rocks. I agree many details but details makes his style tho very personalized. which is good.