Sexy Dynamite London vs. Hop Topic & Slipknot

This cool couple each has put together an individual look. The cute girl on the right with strawberry blonde hair is 20-year-old Yamaguchi, who calls herself a Furita (a temp worker). She’s wearing a black tank top with a bold pink, red and white print over a long pink skirt dyed with an ombre effect and decorated with crochet lace.

Her accessories from Sexy Dynamite London include a spiked neck collar and a handcuff neckace. She also has a spiked wristband and a pink and black plastic bracelet. Her shoes are bright pink sandals.

Yamaguchi’s favorite shop is Abbey Dawn. Her favorite music is by Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift.

Yamaguchi’s friend is Shindou, a 25-year-old clothing store staffer. He’s wearing cool black cotton pants from Hot Topic, a popular American store. His graphic horror t-shirt from Slipknot was a present from a friend. He’s also wearing black boots.

Shindou’s favorite brand is Tripp NYC. His favorite music genre’s are rock and metal. You can visit his My Space page.
Sexy Dynamite London vs. Hop Topic & Slipknot

Blank tank top & handcuff necklace

Two tone hair & spiked neck band

Studded leather fanny pack

Pink maxi skirt & pink sandals

Slipknot t-shirt

Orange backpack

Hot Topic pants & black boots

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  1. I love the contrast between the two of them X3
    Totally different taste in music too :P

  2. Minato4ever

    Awwww I totally like her top it’s so cooool!^^ I wanna have it too….. well nice couple anyway looks rather different but somehow they fit XD

  3. love the whole look of both of them but really love the studded fanny pack that the description doesn’t even mention

  4. NekoSheila

    In love with her outfit! They’re really cute together.