SGR’s Resale Attire & Gold Sneakers from Dog & Boy

This Japanese guy with blonde and purple hair in gold platform sneakers told us his name is SGR and that he’s a 20-year-old student who works at RIDSnap. He bought most of his clothing and accessories at used clothing stores in Tokyo. His tiger print undershirt is from Dog and his sheer black shirt and brown shorts are from Boy. His cool pieced backpack and sneakers are also from Dog.

SGR’s accessories from Q. and other shops include small silver hoop earrings and three cool metal rings. When we asked about his favorite fashion brands and shops his answer was Katie Eary and Dog. He also told us that his favorite music genre is j-rock.
Sheer shirt from Boy & gold sneakers from Dog

Boy sheer black shirt over Dog tiger print top

Blonde hair w/ purple tips & hoop earring

Cool pieced backpack from Dog

Chunky silver rings

Resale gold sneakers from Dog

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  1. OOO I dig a guy in a skirt … well he really pulled off the look really well… looool it was all going well untill i saw the leg hairs… but hey the face is cute so lool :p