Shibuya Girl in Gingham Dress w/ Ank Rouge Straw Bag

Here’s a long-haired Japanese girl that we met near Shibuya 109, Tokyo’s most famous gyaru shopping mall. Her outfit is simple but cute – a tiered gingham dress under a light off-white jacket, and ankle boots. Her straw bag by the Japanese brand Ank Rouge has a very Spring/Summer look with big flowers on the outside and a pink lining on the inside.

Besides the pink on the bag, the heart-adorned strap that her pink mobile phone is attached to – with a bear from Tokyo Disneyland and other plush charms – also adds a bit of color and cuteness to the outfit.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Starshine

    EEK! She’s so cute, I just wanna eat her up :D jk, but still.. Kawaii! ~ Awesome clothes ‘n’ everything ~

  2. Bananabear

    Her eyes look horrible :/ those lower lashes are just wrong.

    The outfit is meh, totally generic and unimaginative.

  3. Her outfit is adorable, but I agree about the fake eyelashes, those do weird things to her eyes. x_x

  4. i would so wear this outfit! minus the over-decorated cellphone though ^~^

  5. Her eyes are too much, they freak me out yuk yuk

  6. I love everything in that outfit and that bag and she is so pretty

  7. i adore her jacket! and about the eyes.. well some girls like it that way…

  8. Her outfit is so cuuuute ^o^
    But her eyey…I scared to death when I saw it, so strange

  9. stop hating. dont comment if u dont like it.
    haha cute. like her gyaru make-up