Shibuya Girl’s Green Streaked Hair, Long White Coat & Buffalo Bobs Bag

Here’s a stylish Tokyo gyaru who we met at night near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. The green streaks in her awesome Shibuya hairstyle are the first thing that caught our attention when we spotted her.

Her outfit features a beautiful long white coat with fur cuffs and collar, bows, and bottom ruffles, white leather high heel boots, and a black quilted purse from the Shibuya brand Buffalo Bob’s.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. omg I recognize her… I think her name is ashley???

  2. that’s shiena isn’t it?? i knew i recognized her right when i saw the photo.

  3. I thought that was Shiena and I was right ^^ She is really cute. Lot of style :)

  4. LOVE IT! So fresh and interesting in all of its artificialness. I’ll take this over the hoards a Tokyo girls in their missmatched colorless vintage clothing any day.

  5. WoW! Fabulous Darling, Absolutely Fabulous! Shannon aka Shiena- your bold confidence shines with style! You Go Girl!!!!!
    I do miss our conversations, If people only knew how sharp and articulate you really are. Smart and beautiful….5th generation of beauty and brains! LOL
    I will always CHEER YOU ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love from your “retired James Bond Girl” / Lara Croft inspired- mother, Pearl

  6. glad to see Canadians can do Japan proud, great job Shiena <3!!

  7. my mom said her is so cute & she likes the coat+the hair

  8. hellosekai

    SHIENA and ASHLEY!!! if you see this ~ i hope you guys update ur youtube channels! miss watching them! you look great!