Shibuya Girl in High Waist Shorts, Lace Cardigan & Suede Camel Wedges

Here’s a stylish Japanese girl who we ran into near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

Her outfit includes a white lace cardigan (with fringe) over a sheer blouse, high waist shorts (a super trendy item on the streets of Tokyo right now), and suede camel wedges. Her leather purse with a heart-shaped charm is a popular autumn (sometimes called “maple” in Japan) color. The day we took these pictures it was a little windy, so please forgive any blowing hair.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I love the shawl! And I can see why those shorts are popular – they are way cute! Is there some kind of decoration on the back of those suteki wedges?

  2. Jodie-kins

    Like it but the blusher needs to be more toned down :-)

  3. So cute ✰°*。▹▫◃。 ♡:* ☺ ・⋆:.♡。*✰°*。▹▫◃。 ♡:* ☺

  4. Cannot understand why almost all japanese girls wear shoes that are too BIG for them!!!! If you cant find the right size,then dont buy them! so simple

  5. does japanese people really dress like this over there? 0.O

    this girl seem to have the best skin in the whole wide world. lol

  6. actually the air helps to give off a fresh breezy feel..and i like the style form head to toe..the make just got off but she looks cute so who cares? :)

  7. Wow her style is so cute and she is so pretty! I LOVE HER LENSES!!! does anyone know what kind they are? i’ve been looking for some really natural hazel lenses forever!!