Shibuya Girls With Big Smiles & Turquoise Jewelry

Stopped for a few quick snaps of these two smiley Tokyo girls while walking near Shibuya 109. It was their hair and makeup that originally caught our attention, but both of their outfits are very representative of Spring 2011 style – including the light knit sweater, long skirt, and hippie peasant blouse. Both of them are also wearing turquoise jewelry, including a ring and bead necklace.

The girl on the right is carrying a shopping bag from the popular-in-Shibuya Japanese fashion brand Spiga.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Vanlal Muanpuii

    wow! how cute n lovely n adorable…i totally love their eyes..their eyes…ooooo luv them…;-@

  2. They are supaaaa pretty *A* I especially love the girl in white. ww

  3. “Spiga girl” is a Popteen model!
    Her name’s Reimi Osawa (Reipyon) ! ^^

  4. tokyo

    @Kimi – Thanks for the info on Reimi Osawa. She was super nice! I wonder if she was a known model back when we snapped her? We snapped a girl in Shibuya once who later became a member of Morning Musume. I guess it makes sense that the kids most likely to go on to be celebs would be hanging around Harajuku/Shibuya. :-)