Shibuya Girls Blonde Hair & Nail Art

These two pretty blonde Japanese girls were nice enough to pose for our photos on Center Street in Shibuya. The girl on the left is wearing a bonbon knit hat, cropped hoodie, black mini-skirt with red lips printed all over it, a white leather handbag, and knee high black boots. The girl on the right is wearing a belted white top, denim skirt, shiny black stockings, and black heels. She is also carrying a leather jacket and a Gucci purse and wearing a Chanel necklace. The last closeup photo shows the nails of the girl on the left – they feature bows, hearts, and stars!

Pretty Blonde Japanese Girls

Knit Hat and Chanel Necklace

Shibuya Nail Art

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  1. I actually like how these two are dressed. They don’t look like they’re cold at all because of the boots and leggings.

    Practical and stylish~

  2. MissKelevra

    love this style and wow, that skirt really puts the mini in mini skirt

  3. i like how the looks can be recycled like for ex. the girl with shorts. take off the leggings and undershirt n you get a nice summers day :)

  4. soo cute! especially the girl with curled hair

  5. The mini skirt seemed really…too short for me. But after looking at the outfit in its entirety, it really isn’t bad. The boots help with the short factor. Good outfits.

  6. Oh those long boots with the super mini! Simply awesome!