Here are two fun Japanese girls wearing outfits with a rock vibe who we street snapped in front of Shibuya 109.

The girl on the left – with the cute short twintail hairstyle – is wearing a “BURISIL” cap (Seto Ayumi has been featured in magazines wearing this hat), a “Supergirl” t-shirt, cutoff shorts, and creepers with ruffle socks. (Creepers are a huge trend in Tokyo lately – popular with girls and guys in both Harajuku and Shibuya.) The girl on the right – with colorful bow hair clips – is wearing an acid wash denim vest, a neon t-shirt, a tulle mini-skirt, and patent leather platform heels. Both girls are using backpacks as purses.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. Both of these girls are so cute! I love the girl on the left, the ruffle socks and creepers go together so well :D

  2. Creepers!! I loooooove creepers so much *O*
    These girls are beautiful, just like their outfits <3

  3. I really love the Combination of Jeans Vest with Tulle Skirt – So Sweet ♥
    I wish you would shoot more in Shibuya

  4. Ali Cher from the US

    the girl on the right….i love your eyes…you look like a true anime character…..Love it

  5. wery adorable girls,,kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii ,,i love superman t shirt )