Shibuya Girls in Leopard Print Shorts & Leather Boots

These two smiley Japanese girls were photographed in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Both of them were friendly and charismatic. The girl on the left is wearing a long sweater over a gray top with a black scarf, denim short shorts, black tights, and moccasin boots. Her bag choice is a large leather handbag.

The girl with long blonde hair on the right is wearing large sunglasses, a biker jacket that looked like it was made of some kind of treated cotton or denim, a ribbed white top under a black corset, leopard print short shorts, black stockings, and knee high black leather boots. Her accessories include a large black purse by Diesel, a black cross necklace, multiple ear piercings, a sternum piercing, a Nixon Vega watch, lots of rings, and blue sparking nail art with stars and jewels.

Shibuya Girls in Short Shorts

Blonde Japanese Girl in Sunglasses

Leopard Print Short Shorts Girl

Japanese Girl in Over-The-Knee Boots

Smiling Japanese Girl & Handbag

Moccasin Boots in Tokyo

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  1. Love it! Both girls look like tigresses on the prowl!

  2. Diggin’ both outfits. The blue nails stand out and don’t clash heavily.
    But what I’m surprised at is how well she matches the shorts. In the states, most people shy away from leopard print. It had its run in glam rock and uuh…yeaaaaah. We have this mindset that leopard print is best avoided.

    Now, the way THIS girl utilizes leopard skin actually works somehow. It’s out, it shows, but it isn’t IN YOUR FACE BLARGH I’M HERE LOOKIT ME LOOK LOOK LOOK! It has a subtlety about it. I focused more on her top, nails and shoes. Wonderful outfit.

    The other girls outfit, while not quite as eye catching (though still nice) is definitely great. Another simple, elegant and clean looking outfit. I especially like the moccasins. They’re a nice little quirk to the outfit.

  3. LOVE the leopard print shorts, the corset and the blue nails. Amazing :)

  4. it looks like that curly-haired-girl has fang or sth

  5. One pair of human teeth- they are actually called fangs. Even if small…
    Japanese often have teeth which are not straight and lookd a bit..funny. But I like it.
    What is the most amazing….they can transform that easily so so looking girls in super chiks. This is the power of make up, clothes and good ….haidresser. I need one.

  6. It’s a boy, in the first photo right??? Really??? she/he not look like a girl!!

  7. I have those Moccasins!!
    for anyone wondering the brand is minnetonka

  8. cybergrunge

    bitch boots!!! Too much exciting boots to walk in along the street!!!!