Shibuya Girls in Moussy Fashion & Labret Piercing

These two cute Japanese girls were photographed in Shibuya. They are both wearing items from the extremely popular Shibuya 109 fashion brand Moussy. The girl on the left – the one with the multiple ear piercings and a labret piercing – is wearing a slim-cut blazer over a Moussy top, a tiered print skirt, black stockings, and shiny black heels. Her accessories include a feather hair clip, a purse covered in large sequins, and long decorated nails. As far as music, she is a fan of Ayu! The other girl is wearing a black jacket over a Moussy top, denim short shorts, stockings, and black boots. Her shopping bag is from the Shibuya girls’ brand Hotel Sly.

Japanese Girls in Moussy Fashion

Smiley Shibuya Girl

Japanese Nail Art

Pretty Japanese Girl

Extreme Sequins Purse

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  1. random is she mixed or something either way she looks gorgeous!
    love the nails

  2. Good look, simple and clean. I’m on consensus with everyone here though, I don’t like the nails. Also, I don’t think the shape of her head is really working with her lip piercing. Other than that good. But why not focus on the girl on the right? I actually liked her outfit a bit more.

  3. so far one of the few sensible clothing i’ve come across ..