Shibuya Girl’s Leopard Coat, Jeweled Nails & LV Bag

We photographed this stylish Japanese girl near Shibuya 109 on a not-too-cold afternoon in January of 2011. She’s wearing a large leopard (or cheetah) print coat along with a black dress, patterned black stockings, and black heels. Accenting the v-neck of her dress is a silver necklace, and her purse choice is a large checkered handbag from Louis Vuitton. Adding the final Shibuya-kick to her outfit is nail art featuring sparkling stars and jewels on a purple base.

All of these pictures can be clicked on to be viewed in high resolution. The nail art photo especially will look much better big!

Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

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  1. The tights is the only thing wrong you can see where the print stops to soon, but otherwise its totally awesome love the coat!

  2. ShibuyaDude

    Wow man , Omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i saw this girl when she was photoed.
    man, amazing i saw it.