Shibuya Skaters Girls & Guy

These three Japanese skaters were spotted on Meiji Dori in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. They were fun and friendly, as you can likely guess from the pictures!

As far as fashion goes: the guy on the left is wearing a t-shirt and sneakers by the Japanese skate brand AREth. You can see AREth “Step Into A World” stickers on several of the boards as well. The boards held by the girl and guy on the left are both by REAL Skateboards. The skater girl on the right has a DGK board. The girl in the middle is wearing a denim shorts jumper. They’re all wearing hats and backpacks. Also, let it be known that these three were skating when we first saw them. They definitely weren’t just carrying skateboards around like some people we’ve seen.

3 Shibuya Skaters

Skate Boarding Crew in Shibuya

Tokyo Skate Fashion

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  1. Cool to see such vivid colours, as well as the multiple pictures and poses!

  2. Do they actually skate or were the board an accessory?

  3. tokyo

    This group was definitely skating. Actually, we were lucky to catch them when they got off their boards. However, it is not uncommon to see people carrying boards around central Tokyo where you wonder if they are just a fashion accessory.

  4. so cool the colour combination is perfect!! but i doubt that we can skate in denim mmmm *unsure*