Shibuya Streetwear Style w/ Braided Updo, Microwave Ruffle Sleeve Jacket, Skirt Over Floral Print Pants, Thibaut Fuzzy Heels & LHP Heart Bag

We came across Io – a 20-year-old student – while out taking a stroll on the streets of the Shibuya neighborhood.

Io – sporting a blonde braided updo – is dressed in a pink cropped satin jacket from Microwave, which features a pleated collar detail and ruffled sleeves. She wore her jacket buttoned close over a resale red ribbed turtleneck top. She donned a matching pink short skirt with pleated pocket details from Microwave over a pair of resale red-and-black pants with flower prints, wore purple glitter socks, and stepped into a pair of pink fuzzy heels from Thibaut. Accessories – mostly resale – consist of multiple hair ties, silver ear studs, and pink beaded hoop earrings. A pink furry heart bag with ruffled lace edges from LHP rounded out Io’s streetwear outfit.

Check out Io’s style feed on Instagram.

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