Shibuya Style Guys in Tokyo

These three charismatic Japanese guys were hanging-out near Shibuya Station when we photographed them. They are all supporting hairstyles that we see often in Shibuya. The guy on the left is wearing a khaki jacket with three red stripes on the sleeve (Adidas?), cuffed jeans, and white Converse-style sneakers. He’s also carrying a leather satchel. The guy in the center is wearing a leather jacket over layered gray and pink shirts, stripped slacks, and brown leather boots. The guy on the right, who has a nose piercing, is wearing a black hooded jacket with a blue scarf, a yellow deep v-neck shirt, gray slacks, and black leather boots.

Three Shibuya Guys

Three Shibuya Guys

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  1. MY GOD I WISH MY HAIR WOULD DO THAT!!! (on the far right) ^^v

  2. I think they spend more money on clothes and hair products then they do on dental..hahahah

  3. pinkflower

    Theo…i think its the same person! haha
    Their hair are so cool!

  4. That’s awesome, must be the same guy – or his twin!

  5. HIS HAIR IS AWESOME! On the right.

    The one in the middle looks like the guy from Final Fantasy…. Cloud?

  6. Kanashibari


  7. fadexoxo
    If you want, you can have my hair, it’s curly as all hell…and I hate it.