Shinjuku Girls’ Jane Marple Portrait Skirt & The Virgin Mary Sweater

Here are two stylish students that we met in Shinjuku. The striking girl on the right with short auburn hair dressed in monochromatic black is 18-year-old Hoshi. She’s wearing a lace blouse with a tuxedo jacket that she picked up resale along with shoes from American Apparel. Stockings with one shredded leg add an edgy touch. Finishing touches to her outfit include decorative polish on her nails and a pair of small earrings.

Hoshi’s cute friend on the left is 18-year-old Haizi. She favors an innocent look with long curls tied with pink ribbons, a white eyelet-trimmed blouse and a floral print sweater from The Virgin Mary. Her skirt, which features the image of a medieval painting, is from Jane Marple.

Haizi’s blue leather satchel was purchased resale. She’s also wearing red tights and plum suede shoes embellished with gold studs. Her favorite sources for fashion are The Virgin Mary and Keisuke Kanda.

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  1. I love it. Just goes to show you tights are a must have… Kinda like water…

  2. I love the contrast between Hoshi’s super neat hair, blazer, clutch and shoes, and the short with the ripped tights!

  3. The skirt of the girl on the left is totaly pretty! *///////*
    And the girl on the right seems to be really elegant. <3
    I like this girls :3

  4. supahotfire

    Only one person looks good in tights…….. Superman

  5. I like the girl on the right I’m a huge fan of short hair