Shinjuku Teen Street Styles w/ WEGO, Kinji, Oh Pearl, (Me), Thank You Mart, Shimamura & Vintage Fashion

We spotted Ami and Naruto, who brightened up Shinjuku with their outfits.

On the left is 13-year-old student Ami, who was clad in a WEGO denim jacket over a bright yellow button-down top from Kinji. She also wore a vintage yellow plaid skirt, black socks, and WEGO black lace-up boots with block heels. Ami styled them with a chain and a fuzzy purple crossbody bag from Oh Pearl. A pair of ribbon hair ties, red lips, and star stickers under her eyes completed her look. As for her favorites, Ami likes listening to music from BTS and shopping at Oh Pearl and vintage stores.

Meanwhile, Naruto wore a yellow sweater from WEGO tucked into dark green silk satin pants from (Me). The 15-year-old student styled them with sheer gray socks and Shimamura black sandals. Her accessories – some of which are from (Me) and Oh Pearl – include chain necklaces with pendants, blue hair ties, and a couple of rings. She finished off her look with twin braids, yellow heart stickers under her eyes, dark red lips, and a Thank You Mart black crossbody bag adorned with stickers and plush toys. Like Ami, Naruto loves going to resale shops. She also listens to music from CreepHyp and posts social media updates on Instagram.

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