Harajuku Shironuri w/ Angelic Pretty Bag & Vivienne Westwood Shoes

Uri is someone who we see around Harajuku quite often. He is active in several Harajuku street fashion subcultures.

Uri’s shironuri look here features a black vest over a black ruffle shirt, a black maxi-skirt, and Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. Accessories include a headpiece with veil, eye jewels, a cross necklace, a fur (or faux fur) muffler, and an Angelic Pretty star bag.

For more info on Uri, check out his personal Twitter.

This photo is from a series of street snaps taken while a group of shironuri were hanging out in Harajuku before a photoshoot with Australian photographer Delly Carr. The photographer will be posting the studio photos eventually either on his Instagram or his Facebook!

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  1. A Beautiful piece of art but it lacks the detail in the facial makeup, to really promote this work to the next level.

  2. I think his take is gorgeous! Frankly, most shironuri outfits and especially make-ups are way too elaborate and sometimes even too “in your face” for my taste, so I really like his subtlety in it. E.g. how the light green contacts contrast his burgundy wig and the blood red rhinestones on the inner corners of his eyes. :)

  3. I’m in love!! *o* The bag and the fur really suits good together and overall he is very beautiful ^^