Shironuri Minori in All Black w/ Dark Eye Makeup & Lace-up Boots

We usually see Japanese shironuri artist Minori around the streets of Harajuku several times a month.

These photos are from several weeks ago when Minori was gathering items for a photo shoot with one of the photographers with whom she regularly works. She told us the inspiration for this look – which features a handmade/remake jacket and an oversized scarf, a headpiece, studded gloves, leather pants, a purse and heeled lace-up boots – was oil. In addition to the black fashion, her shironuri eye makeup is also darker than we are used to seeing from Minori.

Minori was also excited to tell us about her new official online shop where she is selling handmade goods.

For more information on Minori, please check out our short documentary movie about Minori’s life and also visit her official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. J-inspired

    Minori-san is looking as fanatastic as ever. The effort and passion she puts into her artwork is overwhelming and just admirable!